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Terms & Conditions for Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Johnshoy-Currie will discuss her rates with you when you call to schedule your initial appointment.

Your initial session will be for 50-60 minutes. Subsequent sessions are 45- (to 50-) minute. (If you choose, you may request a 60- minute session for an additional fee.)

All charges are due and payable at the time of each session.

You can be provided with a receipt and the necessary form to bill your insurance. If you request this office to bill your insurance for you, there will be a $20 processing fee for each billing, usually once per month. If you choose this option, you will remain responsible for any charges not covered by your insurance.

You will receive in writing all of the financial policies at the first session.

Terms & Conditions for Consultation Services & Events

Paid consultation groups have limited spots available. As such, refunds are at the sole discretion of Dr. Johnshoy-Currie and are generally not available. Payment is due at the time of registration. 

Individual consultations are also limited. Payment can be made at the agreed upon rate on the Individual Consultations page. All charges are due and payable at the time of each session. 

For training events, refunds may be granted up to 2 weeks before the class, but a small fee will be charged to cover credit card processing fees. Refunds must be requested by email directly to Dr. Johnshoy-Currie and it is your responsibility to follow-up to ensure your refund is processed. If you do not cancel in time to get a refund, you may ask for a one-time transfer to a future event OR you may send someone in your place, as long as you inform Dr. Johnshoy-Currie by email before the event.

These terms are subject to change at the discretion of Dr. Johnshoy-Currie, with the most updated information being found on this page.

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